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80 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8371 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-config can't complete multiple folder levels in one completion Thu 10:58
8370 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tab completing input to squashed short options is unreliable Thu 13:28
8369 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-config traceback when tab complete after double slashes Thu 10:47
8366 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Tab completion doesn't handle quotes or escape sequences Tue 13:23
8365 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tlctl "help" command cannot be tab completed Tue 13:21
8362 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-config help text mentions hivetool Tue 14:05
8360 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Some internal functions print to stderr when we don't want Tue 13:13
8358 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Tab completion is easy to miss when adding or changing scripts 2024-06-04
8354 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Completing from commands containing special characters isn't possible Tue 09:02
8350 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-memberof-group lacks tab completion 2024-05-28
8347 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Not possible to write context-aware completers for our autocompletion Tue 08:51
8343 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-sso-password and tl-sso-token-passphrase --remove option not working 2024-05-07
8342 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-umount-localdrives -a (--all-users) doesn't remove thindrives symlink 2024-05-07
8223 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Sessions to be terminated by tlctl are not sorted 2023-09-12
8212 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- no startup background if python six isn't installed 2023-09-15
8208 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Profile chooser icons does not follow the GNOME design language 2023-08-29
8207 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Initial background can look broken during logout 2023-08-22
8202 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Default startup background can be clipped in ugly ways 2023-08-22
8012 ThinLinc Misc frifl NEW --- Socket errors can unintentionally be ignored 2022-11-08
7958 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Web content isn't compressed 2022-11-24
7943 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Convert loading of scripts in test files to Python 3 2022-06-14
7925 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Incorrect styling of GTK windows during session startup 2022-05-17
7892 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tlctl only works on the master machine 2022-04-19
7875 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tlctl doesn't respect terminal window size 2022-04-06
7849 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- It’s easy to miss when an agent is DOWN with `tlctl load list` 2022-04-06
7848 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tlctl is not script-friendly 2023-09-05
7743 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Using tl-config/hivetool to set parameters and specifying type is broken 2021-08-24
7698 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- zypper backend doesn't log the exit code 2021-08-24
7665 ThinLinc Misc frifl NEW --- Hiveconf does not support integer literals other than decimal 2021-06-08
7633 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Silencing EPIPE/ECONNRESET errors in httpserver hides other problems 2021-03-09
7606 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Cheetah errors can screw up logging 2024-03-19
7593 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Non-ASCII environment variables not passed to systemd/dbus on non-UTF-8 systems 2021-04-30
7507 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- problem with heimdal and default ccname 2020-06-02
7440 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- connectionstatus is often stale in tl-session-param 2020-05-06
7278 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- Make it easier for a system administrator to generate system-wide font caches for ThinLinc 2024-01-25
7171 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- OpenBox does not support fullscreen over multiple monitors 2022-01-18
7169 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- session startup can take a long time (scanning fonts) 2024-01-25
7166 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- We are using an old version of OpenBox 2018-05-08
7107 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- does not work with user@domain-type usernames 2023-11-14
7055 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- Making backup copies of files in /opt/thinlinc/etc/conf.d/ leads to unexpected results 2022-01-25
7044 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- hivetool/tl-config should be able to check that a parameter has a given value 2022-07-06
7018 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- Applications that draw their own title bar are difficult to use with tl-single-app 2017-08-14
7012 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- openbox doesn't log to xinit.log 2022-04-26
7004 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- doesn't always override system defaults 2017-08-14
6969 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- tl-while-x11 is confusing for users 2019-11-26
6176 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- tl-notify doesn't work when user is still logging in (e.g. selecting profile) 2018-10-02
6104 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- can't build tlstunnel linkkit - __secure_getenv undefined 2023-06-19
5819 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- crashes if broken symlink 2016-03-22
5811 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- tl-config/hivetool should have an option for machine-readable output 2016-05-25
5766 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- Backtrace in tlwebadm when using mounted profile dir in hiveconf. 2016-01-14
5765 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- /etc/root.hconf missing, /opt/thinlinc/bin/hivetool doesn't work 2022-04-26
5721 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Using hiveconf.get_string_list() breaks shell expressions 2023-06-07
5499 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- unhelpful message in tl-select-profile when no executable profiles are found. 2024-05-17
5374 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- tl-notify messages pops up behind fullscreen applications 2020-10-20
5330 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- remove homecreatefilter 2014-11-04
5105 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- causes crashes if the locale doesn't exist 2022-04-12
5091 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- $TLCOMMAND is mixed into the profile commands 2014-07-25
5071 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- pyc files are not removed upon uninstall of deb packages. 2024-04-09
4994 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- An empty base string is not accepted by tl-ldap-certalias.hconf 2014-02-25
4992 ThinLinc Misc ossman REOP --- tlstunnel doesn't respect logging settings 2022-04-26
4955 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- login problems with Kerberos protected home directories (AFS/NFS) 2023-05-30
4876 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- Name inconsistency of configfile 2013-12-10
4651 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- tl-config should be able to set a variable to an empty value 2024-02-01
4650 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- tl-config should be able to reset configuration variables to their default value 2023-06-09
4647 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- Remove unnecessary "restorecon" calls from tl-ldap-certalias 2018-02-06
4641 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- tl-setup installs services in incorrect dependency order 2020-05-12
4620 ThinLinc Misc samuel NEW --- tl-xstartup-desc crashes on directories or broken symlinks in xstartup.d 2019-09-24
4512 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- ThinLinc Python programs should not crash upon invalid locale 2022-07-04
4427 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- tl-ldap-certtool doesn't support CRL in PEM format 2018-01-09
3795 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- tl-ldap-certalias doesn't handle missing homedirs when using --simulate 2017-06-07
3587 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- profiles.hconf is unwieldy, making editing unnecessarily cumbersome 2018-04-11
3423 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- stray tl-run-xstartup.<pid> left behind 2013-08-26
3020 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- xstartup.d descriptions aren't translated 2022-06-28
2748 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- hard coded install path ("/opt/thinlinc") in many places 2022-06-14
2626 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- tl-run-xstartup-feedback steps lacks translation 2022-01-25
2468 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- Ignore files in xstartup.d and friends that are not executable 2013-08-22
2058 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- user/admin can't get terminal location 2022-06-15
1931 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- Generalize homecreatefilter - don't hardcode protected directories 2020-01-28
1848 ThinLinc Misc astrand NEW --- tl-rsync-all checks parameters incorrectly 2019-01-15
529 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa ASSI --- tl-ssh-all/tl-rsync-all doesn't always work on agent machines 2022-04-05
80 bugs found.


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