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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8334 ThinLinc Other alexander.zeijlon NEW --- Newer python unittest-module breaks with hyphen in script names 16:45:22
8333 ThinLinc VSM Serv bugzilla-qa NEW --- Deleted user accounts may occupy ThinLinc licenses 13:56:52
8253 ThinLinc Other frifl NEW --- utcfromtimestamp() and utcnow() are deprecated and should not be used Mon 13:37
8199 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Client in GNOME can't start in in full screen Thu 14:57
7889 ThinLinc Other emilo NEW --- not all tools use our option parser Fri 13:32
7697 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Client fails when config options have bogus values 13:44:31
7690 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Fatal crashes aren't sent to syslog 13:59:02
7677 ThinLinc VSM Agen bugzilla-qa NEW --- Traceback in vsmagent when it cannot run tl-session 13:23:24
7372 ThinLinc Smart ca bugzilla-qa NEW --- Smart card authentication doesn't work when SSH banner is used 09:13:12
2754 ThinLinc VSM Serv astrand NEW --- thinlinc is too sensitive to user name resolution problems 13:56:52
2541 ThinLinc License bugzilla-qa NEW --- Users often forget updating licenses before server upgrade 12:37:22
1936 ThinLinc Other astrand ASSI --- setuid/setgid/setcap programs do not work with local devices and homecreatefilter Mon 09:30
284 ThinLinc VSM Serv astrand ASSI --- Limit the number of concurrent users or sessions (per cluster, per agent) Mon 10:34
8328 ThinLinc VSM Serv tobfa CLOS FIXE vsmserver crashes on upcoming Python 3.13 13:33:17
2960 ThinLinc Build sy astrand CLOS FIXE sign our RPM packages 2024-04-10
15 bugs found.


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