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"What can I do with Python that I can't do with C#? You can go home on time at the end of the day." -- Daniel Klein
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17 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8328 ThinLinc VSM Serv tobfa CLOS FIXE vsmserver crashes on upcoming Python 3.13 Tue 16:03
2068 ThinLinc Other ossman NEW --- Webcam support Mon 13:01
7306 ThinLinc Smart ca ossman CLOS FIXE client doesn't support sha256/sha512 smart card authentication Tue 13:39
7535 ThinLinc Client ossman CLOS FIXE Drop support for insecure ssh-rsa Tue 13:39
7933 ThinLinc Server O ossman CLOS FIXE Cannot connect to RHEL 9 Tue 13:39
7935 ThinLinc Client ossman CLOS FIXE Client doesn't allow modern RSA host key exchange with agent Tue 13:39
8253 ThinLinc Other frifl NEW --- utcfromtimestamp() and utcnow() are deprecated and should not be used 12:34:59
7657 ThinLinc Other frifl CLOS FIXE ThinLinc doesn't work if MD5 is disabled (because of FIPS) Mon 08:53
7889 ThinLinc Other emilo NEW --- not all tools use our option parser 13:32:49
5071 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- pyc files are not removed upon uninstall of deb packages. Tue 15:50
8199 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Client in GNOME can't start in in full screen Thu 14:57
8251 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Cannot use FIDO/U2F/security keys in applications Mon 12:29
8331 ThinLinc Local dr bugzilla-qa NEW --- Local drive doesn't work on FIPS systems Tue 13:06
8332 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- SHA-1 is deprecated and might stop working Tue 13:39
8330 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa CLOS WONT Logfile on Windows can be difficult to access Tue 13:04
2960 ThinLinc Build sy astrand CLOS FIXE sign our RPM packages Wed 08:04
7809 ThinLinc Server I adaha CLOS FIXE Server RPMs cannot be installed on FIPS enforcing system Mon 08:53
17 bugs found.


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