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28 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
3667 ThinLinc VSM Agen astrand NEW --- divide resources more fairly between users/sessions Wed 15:56
4534 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Support authentication using public key held in ssh-agent Tue 10:23
4718 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Improve error message when tlclient cannot write to ~/.thinlinc Wed 16:18
4799 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Simplify reconnect when getting disconnected Wed 15:54
5085 ThinLinc Web Acce astrand NEW --- Add ability to brand Web Access login page Thu 10:35
2530 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Unreliable to disable included xstartup.d scripts Wed 16:23
4161 ThinLinc TLDC (De bugzilla-qa NEW --- Hiveconf tree /utils/tl-desktop-customizer/menus is redundant Wed 14:45
4172 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Cumbersome to append values using tl-config Wed 14:50
4948 ThinLinc TLDC (De bugzilla-qa NEW --- investigate SGD enhancements to the way profiles are assigned to users Wed 16:26
5238 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- SELinux: "mcs_killall() has been deprecated, please remove mcs_constrained() instead" Wed 14:14
7099 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Session list in ThinLinc Client does not help you identify what's running inside session Thu 10:28
7415 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- dead keys completely broken in Web Access Thu 10:34
7464 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- Confusing that login form can be shown on agents Wed 15:00
7861 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Idle connection can get terminated by firewalls Wed 15:54
7990 ThinLinc Document bugzilla-qa NEW --- Missing text in ThinLinc Administrator Guide Wed 14:16
7991 ThinLinc Server I bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-setup don't stop master service when choosing agent Wed 15:00
7992 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- Clipping (and mouse panning) incorrectly enabled on non-touch Firefox Wed 14:27
7993 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- Panning hand looks constantly active Wed 14:31
7994 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Client gets disconnected when moving between wifi and ethernet Wed 15:55
7995 ThinLinc Build sy bugzilla-qa NEW --- Current transifex client is deprecated Thu 10:49
5384 ThinLinc Server I hean01 NEW --- tl-setup: server-type should allow only-master, master+agent and only-agent installs Tue 10:30
4660 ThinLinc VNC ossman NEW --- Option for grabbing keys ("send system keys") in non-fullscreen mode Wed 15:32
4722 ThinLinc VNC ossman NEW --- Gnome (still) prevents session resize Thu 14:20
4748 ThinLinc VNC ossman NEW --- Support Wayland desktop environments Thu 10:25
7908 ThinLinc Web Acce samuel NEW --- Web Access should follow new visual profile Fri 16:36
4115 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa CLOS DUPL Invalid key format on Windows client gives confusing error message Wed 15:24
7313 ThinLinc Client nikle CLOS FIXE Bad error message for wrong type of SSH key Wed 15:24
7989 ThinLinc Other samuel CLOS FIXE Unnecessary "hostname" text in webadm and webaccess 2022-09-26
28 bugs found.


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