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25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
7788 ThinLinc Other alexander.zeijlon RESO FIXE Applications without access to our XAuthority do not work inside ThinLinc session 11:18:54
5751 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- Can't change image quality settings for Web Access Wed 13:27
8064 ThinLinc Build sy ossman REOP --- Cannot build packages on Fedora 36 Thu 14:31
5750 ThinLinc Other astrand NEW --- Difficult to find default values for configuration 14:46:00
7850 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Difficult to get current license usage 10:34:46
3614 ThinLinc Other hean01 CLOS FIXE Drop support for Solaris as server and client platform Thu 16:33
8163 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Hand cursor for buttons et al. is inappropriate Wed 13:13
7902 ThinLinc Other wilsj CLOS FIXE Installer and tl-setup doesn't follow the GNOME design language 13:30:41
8164 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- License files can't be managed from Web Admin Wed 13:18
6985 ThinLinc Web Admi samuel NEW --- License graphs in tlwebadm aren't updated when the license count is updated 10:34:46
8165 ThinLinc VSM Agen bugzilla-qa NEW --- Outdated version of xprop shipped with Thinlinc Thu 16:33
8161 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Python cgi module is deprecated Wed 13:08
5715 ThinLinc VNC ossman NEW --- screen tearing on X11 Wed 14:46
8078 ThinLinc Smart ca bugzilla-qa NEW --- Smart card authentication fails with Net iD single sign-on Wed 13:14
8166 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Space Mono font has inappropriate ligatures Thu 15:38
7921 ThinLinc Server I bugzilla-qa NEW --- Texts in tl-setup looks out of place 13:30:52
8167 ThinLinc VSM Serv bugzilla-qa NEW --- ThinLinc's Xauthority is placed in an unusual location Thu 16:04
4650 ThinLinc Misc derfian NEW --- tl-config should be able to reset configuration variables to their default value 14:45:03
5851 ThinLinc Other astrand NEW --- tl-config should be able to tell the administrator which configuration parameters that are not at their default setting 14:46:00
5384 ThinLinc Server I bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-setup choices of master or agent install are too limiting 14:58:07
8168 ThinLinc Server I bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-setup pages look empty and don't follow GTK styling 13:30:52
8072 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- tlwebadm license graphs doesn't follow graphical profile 14:36:39
5721 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Using hiveconf.get_string_list() breaks shell expressions Wed 13:24
8162 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- xdrlib module is deprecated Wed 13:09
8131 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- Zoomed license plots in tlwebadm are ugly 14:36:39
25 bugs found.


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