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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
7657 ThinLinc Other frifl CLOS FIXE ThinLinc doesn't work if MD5 is disabled (because of FIPS) 2024-04-18
8327 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- tlclient command line cannot handle passwords containing a comma Fri 15:33
5503 ThinLinc Client ossman NEW --- Cumbersome to switch between different servers Mon 17:20
4381 ThinLinc VNC astrand NEW --- use macOS's native full screen mode Tue 06:28
5878 ThinLinc Client p astrand NEW --- raise macOS requirements (from 10.6) Tue 06:33
8336 ThinLinc Server O bugzilla-qa CLOS FIXE Validate Ubuntu 24.04 Beta Tue 13:08
8338 ThinLinc Build sy bugzilla-qa NEW --- Ugly tests because missing python-ldap in cenbuild Tue 13:15
8335 ThinLinc Server I bugzilla-qa NEW --- Installation of server deb package on Ubuntu 24.04 Beta fails 10:49:11
8253 ThinLinc Other frifl RESO FIXE utcfromtimestamp() and utcnow() are deprecated and should not be used 14:44:47
8339 ThinLinc Misc frifl RESO FIXE "Last updated" field in load shows incorrect value if more than a day 14:54:09
7889 ThinLinc Other emilo NEW --- not all tools use our option parser 15:46:14
11 bugs found.


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