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29 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2432 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- Audio consumes a lot of bandwidth 2020-02-04
5590 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- Audio latency annoyingly high in some cases 2024-04-02
5902 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- audio sometimes refuses to work 2016-06-08
5588 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- better sink and source name in our PulseAudio server(s) 2021-09-15
5850 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- changing device volume in pavucontrol is unreliable 2018-08-14
7299 ThinLinc Sound ossman REOP --- Client side PulseAudio crashes with ALSA pcm.c assertion 2019-12-16
6133 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- crashed client pulseaudio causes session pulseaudio to spam connections 2021-06-30
3605 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- crashed pulseaudio causes severe delays with Windows 2022-08-30
7615 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- Default audio device changes not respected on macOS 2022-03-28
8395 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- GNOME shows microphone constantly in use 12:55:53
7837 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- It is not possible to use multiple audio devices simultaneously 2022-02-15
7638 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- Low quality resampler incorrectly used on Windows 2024-04-02
2831 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- no sound/mic permanently if speakers/microphone isn't connected when client connects 2017-03-28
7681 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- Pipewire audio support 2021-06-08
7864 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- PulseAudio does not respect XDG environment variables 2022-03-22
2627 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- PulseAudio still uses %TEMP% 2013-08-22
5915 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- pulseaudio.exe fails AppVerifier Basic/Handles test on startup 2016-10-06
5912 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- pulseaudio.exe fails AppVerifier Basic/Leak tests on exit 2016-10-06
5911 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- pulseaudio.exe fails AppVerifier Basic/Locks test on exit 2016-10-06
7444 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- Same icon and name shown for both playback and recording in volume control 2019-11-27
5903 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- scratching noise when first using audio in many sessions 2021-11-09
2048 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- Set X11 properties for pulseaudio fallback 2023-08-14
5905 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- simplify PulseAudio properties using PULSE_PROP_OVERRIDE 2021-10-19
8201 ThinLinc Sound bugzilla-qa NEW --- Sound doesn't work in snap version of Firefox 2023-08-22
2045 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- thinlinc doesn't remember per application sound volume level 2022-05-06
4404 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- thinlinc shows up as "pulseaudio.exe" in Windows volume control 2020-04-23
2459 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- tlclient could warn if sound redirection fails to start 2017-01-10
4016 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- video/audio sync issues when high latency network 2017-08-29
7275 ThinLinc Sound ossman NEW --- volume and mute settings are lost when reconnecting 2022-05-06
29 bugs found.


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