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32 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
7867 ThinLinc Other samuel CLOS FIXE commands should have tab completion (bash) Fri 11:18
8319 ThinLinc Web Acce samuel NEW --- Security scanners complain about Python version number Thu 16:36
7828 ThinLinc Client p samuel CLOS FIXE ThinLinc Client isn't available in the Microsoft Store Fri 14:00
4722 ThinLinc VNC ossman NEW --- Gnome (still) prevents session resize Mon 10:53
8385 ThinLinc Client p bugzilla-qa NEW --- Client doesn't show publisher name in Window's "add & remove programs" Fri 14:00
8354 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Completing from commands containing special characters isn't possible Fri 11:02
8380 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- Confusing menu and errors in Web Admin on agents Mon 11:30
7464 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- Confusing that login form can be shown on agents Mon 11:23
8301 ThinLinc Client p bugzilla-qa NEW --- Confusing update method for Windows client installed via Microsoft Store Thu 11:53
8009 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- Difficult to understand how to use the Web Access clipboard Fri 08:23
2828 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa CLOS WONT Installation doesn't warn about ncpfs not being installed for tl-mount-ncp Thu 11:53
8383 ThinLinc Client p bugzilla-qa NEW --- It is cumbersome to update the client in Microsoft Store Thu 11:53
8347 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Not possible to write context-aware completers for our autocompletion Fri 11:02
8372 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- optcomplete module lacks unittests Fri 11:02
8381 ThinLinc Desktop bugzilla-qa NEW --- Resizing window during startup can cause hangup Tue 12:04
8384 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Some config paths in tl-config can't be tab completed Fri 11:18
8344 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Some tab completions require root Fri 11:18
8359 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- Specific tab completer functions lack unit tests Fri 11:02
7895 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- support authentication via Okta Thu 08:37
8370 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tab completing input to squashed short options is unreliable Fri 11:02
8366 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Tab completion doesn't handle quotes or escape sequences Fri 11:02
8358 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- Tab completion is easy to miss when adding or changing scripts Fri 11:02
8382 ThinLinc Other bugzilla-qa NEW --- ThinLinc listing in Red Hat software catalogue doesn't include RPMs Thu 11:44
8371 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-config completion depth differs when completing folders and parameters Fri 11:18
8369 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tl-config hangs when tab completing if config contains double slashes Fri 11:18
8365 ThinLinc Misc bugzilla-qa NEW --- tlctl "help" command cannot be tab completed Fri 11:02
7458 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- Using the clipboard is very difficult in Web Access Thu 11:26
514 ThinLinc Client p astrand ASSI --- MSI package with Windows client Fri 14:00
5060 ThinLinc Web Acce astrand NEW --- Multiple session handling in Web Access Thu 15:32
5646 ThinLinc Client p astrand NEW --- native wayland support in client Thu 11:49
4329 ThinLinc Client p astrand NEW --- provide dmg packages for macOS Mon 16:52
3161 ThinLinc Other astrand NEW --- Support for reaching multiple machines using only one IP and port Mon 17:03
32 bugs found.


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