Bug 6020 - tlwebadm and tlwebaccess doesn't support HTTP/2 or HTTP/3
Summary: tlwebadm and tlwebaccess doesn't support HTTP/2 or HTTP/3
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Product: ThinLinc
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Target Milestone: LowPrio
Assignee: Peter Åstrand
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Reported: 2016-09-28 11:01 CEST by Karl Mikaelsson
Modified: 2022-10-12 08:56 CEST (History)
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Description Karl Mikaelsson cendio 2016-09-28 11:01:25 CEST
This is the stuff that "Future" is made of.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about HTTP/2 over HTTP/1.1:

> HTTP/2 leaves most of HTTP 1.1's high-level syntax, such as methods,
> status codes, header fields, and URIs, the same. The element that is
> modified is how the data is framed and transported between the client
> and the server.
> Websites that are efficient minimize the number of requests required
> to render an entire page by minifying (reducing the amount of code and
> packing smaller pieces of code into bundles, without reducing its
> ability to function) resources such as images and scripts. However,
> minification is not necessarily convenient nor efficient and may still
> require separate HTTP connections to get the page and the minified
> resources. HTTP/2 allows the server to "push" content, that is, to
> respond with data for more queries than the client requested. This
> allows the server to supply data it knows a web browser will need to
> render a web page, without waiting for the browser to examine the
> first response, and without the overhead of an additional request
> cycle.
> Additional performance improvements in the first draft of HTTP/2
> (which was a copy of SPDY) come from multiplexing of requests and
> responses to avoid the head-of-line blocking problem in HTTP 1 (even
> when HTTP pipelining is used), header compression, and prioritization
> of requests.
Comment 1 Samuel Mannehed cendio 2016-10-05 13:43:18 CEST
See bug 6003 for HTTP/1.1
Comment 2 Pierre Ossman cendio 2022-02-03 14:56:01 CET
Now there's HTTP/3 as well, which is HTTP over QUIC.

Unclear if any of these provide any real benefit to us. The problems they solve seem to be focused around use cases where there are lots and lots of connections.
Comment 3 Pierre Ossman cendio 2022-10-12 08:56:01 CEST
Should probably also look at ALPN which is used to negotiate the protocol already at the TLS handshake.

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