Bug 1478 - difficult to gather logs for support
Summary: difficult to gather logs for support
Status: NEW
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Product: ThinLinc
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Assignee: Bugzilla mail exporter
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Reported: 2005-09-08 14:02 CEST by Erik Forsberg
Modified: 2022-04-26 08:43 CEST (History)
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Description Erik Forsberg cendio 2005-09-08 14:02:05 CEST
In bug 1452, we have the idea that the LiveCD should have a script for
collecting information that can be sent to us for analysis.

This got me thinking - why not have a similar tool for the serverside?

Such a tool could compress all relevant logs (vsmserver.log, vsmagent.log, the
CGI client log, perhaps the CUPS log) as well as all configuration files and
information about versions of packages installed on the system, and then offer
the user to send them to us via e-mail. This would help in collecting the
information we need when handling a support case. Instead of having to instruct
the Windows goofheads out there how to create a tarball, this program would do
it for us.

For the ultimate combination of flexibility and ease of use, this tool should be
based on a bunch of library functions, and should offer both a commandline
interface and a webmin interface. Both interfaces should be able to either
create a file on the local filesystem for further copy, or sending files to us
on a predefined address. The webmin interface could also offer downloading the
file to local disk for further processing.

We should perhaps use the zip format in favour of for example tar.gz, since
windows goofheads can inspect the files if they want or need to.

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