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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5173 ThinLinc Document derfian CLOS FIXE Describe shadowing 2017-03-21
37 ThinLinc Other hean01 CLOS FIXE Shadowing confirmation 2018-05-31
2809 ThinLinc VSM Serv hean01 CLOS FIXE traceback on shadowing 2017-03-21
5737 ThinLinc VSM Agen hean01 CLOS FIXE Fake "Someone is now shadowing your session" messages... 2017-11-01
5810 ThinLinc Other hean01 CLOS FIXE possible incorrect shadow notification on reconnect 2017-10-24
5174 ThinLinc VSM Serv ossman CLOS FIXE Shadowing doesn't work for non-ASCII shadower usernames 2017-03-21
5795 ThinLinc Other ossman CLOS FIXE Shadowing clients tries to occupy ports, can be terminated by unbind_ports 2016-04-12
5526 ThinLinc VNC samuel CLOS FIXE visually indicate that you are shadowing someone else 2018-10-15
5722 ThinLinc VSM Serv samuel CLOS FIXE shadowing normalizes usernames to lowercase for all comparisons 2017-03-21
631 ThinLinc VSM Serv astrand NEW --- Extended shadowing control: teachers should be able to shadow students 2018-06-18
6120 ThinLinc Other astrand NEW --- Allow user to disconnect shadowers 2021-12-08
97 ThinLinc VSM Serv derfian NEW --- Shadowing doesn't log disconnect to vsmserver.log 2017-01-31
12 bugs found.


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