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"The first 90% of the code accounts for the first 90% of the development time. The remaining 10% of the code accounts for the other 90% of the development time." --Tom Cargill of Bell Labs
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22 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8226 ThinLinc Build sy ossman CLOS FIXE obfuscator doesn't support "nonlocal" Mon 13:51
8225 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- Tedious to terminate multiple sessions from Web Admin Tue 13:05
8227 ThinLinc Build sy bugzilla-qa NEW --- obfuscator doesn't work with Python 3.10+ Tue 13:10
8228 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- No handling for multipart POST requests Tue 13:12
6003 ThinLinc Other astrand NEW --- tlwebadm and tlwebaccess doesn't support HTTP/1.1 Tue 13:16
8229 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- No handling for Transfer-Encoding in POST requests Tue 13:16
8231 ThinLinc Server O martin.ostlund CLOS FIXE Validate Ubuntu 23.10 Tue 13:17
4344 ThinLinc VNC astrand NEW --- replace F8 menu with a toolbar Wed 12:56
4975 ThinLinc VNC bugzilla-qa NEW --- Difficult to release control of input from the client Wed 13:00
4660 ThinLinc VNC ossman NEW --- Option for grabbing keys ("send system keys") in non-fullscreen mode Wed 13:00
4799 ThinLinc Client astrand NEW --- Simplify reconnect when getting disconnected Wed 14:16
8233 ThinLinc Client bugzilla-qa NEW --- Password is required every time for password protected keys Wed 14:22
8232 ThinLinc Other linma NEW --- vsm extproc handling relies on deprecated asyncore Wed 14:25
7636 ThinLinc Other ossman NEW --- asyncore is deprecated Wed 14:25
8230 ThinLinc Other frifl CLOS FIXE Our method of handling delaying calls relies on deprecated asyncio Wed 17:24
3217 ThinLinc VSM Agen astrand NEW --- Invalid "Address already in use" on some systems Thu 09:06
4296 ThinLinc Server I wilsj NEW --- Package installer goes beyond 100% Thu 12:38
4748 ThinLinc VNC ossman NEW --- Support Wayland desktop environments 12:18:41
5032 ThinLinc Other ossman RESO FIXE Backtrace when getting malformed XML-RPC data 14:11:36
2555 ThinLinc VSM Serv bugzilla-qa CLOS WORK tracebacks when sending naughty requests 14:18:17
8224 ThinLinc Other ossman NEW --- vsm xml-rpc handling relies on deprecated asyncore 14:20:54
8234 ThinLinc Server I bugzilla-qa NEW --- New Install Ubuntu 20.04 Server. Client fails before 10 seconds 18:42:24
22 bugs found.


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