Sat Jun 10 2023 19:14:12 CEST
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8054 ThinLinc Web Acce bugzilla-qa NEW --- Error message when resizing text area 2023-04-25
8068 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- tlwebadm pages can briefly load without CSS 2023-03-03
8137 ThinLinc Web Admi bugzilla-qa NEW --- Confusing presentation of empty tables in tlwebadm 2023-04-18
7843 ThinLinc Build sy ossman NEW --- rpm2debpkg should likely use Breaks rather than Conflicts 2022-03-15
5527 ThinLinc Server I samuel NEW --- Unclear title on last page of ThinLinc installer after upgrade 2021-06-14
4296 ThinLinc Server I wilsj NEW --- Package installer goes beyond 100% 2022-03-02
8064 ThinLinc Build sy ossman REOP --- Cannot build packages on Fedora 36 Thu 14:31
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