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31 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5852 ThinLinc Build sy derfian CLOS FIXE Upgrade GnuTLS to latest version 2016-09-23
5854 ThinLinc Build sy ossman CLOS FIXE Upgrade OpenSSL to the latest version 2016-09-23
5232 ThinLinc Client hean01 CLOS FIXE debian lintian complains about files in /etc/opt 2016-12-05
7070 ThinLinc Client hean01 CLOS FIXE There is a gap between tlclient and vncviewer where nothing is shown to the user 2017-11-02
6986 ThinLinc Client p ossman CLOS FIXE not everything is translated in client Windows installer 2018-01-24
3231 ThinLinc Client p astrand CLOS FIXE Ship a 64-bit Windows client 2017-09-26
3709 ThinLinc Client p thoni56 CLOS FIXE Upgrade xdg-utils 2016-09-23
5952 ThinLinc Document samuel CLOS FIXE LANG is a bad example for /vsmagent/default_environment 2017-03-20
6992 ThinLinc Document ossman CLOS FIXE not documented how to use branding with customizer 2017-06-27
5817 ThinLinc Document hean01 CLOS FIXE ThinLinc Architecture image in TAG is outdated 2017-03-20
5653 ThinLinc Document derfian CLOS FIXE We're not anywhere near moving tlclient configuration to hiveconf 2016-09-23
7033 ThinLinc Misc samuel CLOS FIXE tl-run-rdesktop should handle more disconnect reason codes 2017-12-07
5976 ThinLinc Misc ossman CLOS FIXE tl-run-xstartup.d is executable, but must be sourced 2016-09-23
5941 ThinLinc Other astrand CLOS FIXE installing files into /usr/local fails on some systems 2018-03-29
5954 ThinLinc Server I derfian CLOS FIXE tl-setup imports system, incompatible with from python 2.4 2016-09-23
6976 ThinLinc Server O ossman CLOS FIXE Error logs in /var/log/messages from Firefox on RHEL7 2017-09-05
6993 ThinLinc Server O ossman CLOS FIXE firefox tabs crash on RHEL 7 2017-10-09
5584 ThinLinc Server O samuel CLOS FIXE Gnome, Unity and KDE with modern polkit gives auth dialogs on login 2017-05-19
5957 ThinLinc Smart ca ossman CLOS FIXE CA certificate can prevent automatic login 2016-09-23
5805 ThinLinc Smart ca ossman CLOS FIXE certificate routines do not encode distinguished name correctly 2017-03-24
5201 ThinLinc Smart ca ossman CLOS FIXE Consider supporting pkcs#11 modules that only implement crypto 2016-09-23
5772 ThinLinc VNC ossman CLOS FIXE server clipboard needs external process (vncconfig) to function 2016-12-05
7025 ThinLinc VNC hean01 CLOS FIXE Xvnc segmentation fault with Teamcenter and Chinese fonts 2017-08-23
5844 ThinLinc Web Acce samuel CLOS FIXE Click while panning 2016-09-23
5480 ThinLinc Web Acce samuel CLOS FIXE horizontal scroll events are sent as vertical scroll 2017-03-23
6053 ThinLinc Web Acce samuel CLOS FIXE panning mode is incorrectly active on Internet Explorer 2017-04-21
6126 ThinLinc Web Acce samuel CLOS FIXE The control bar handle might be in the way 2017-03-27
6160 ThinLinc Web Acce ossman CLOS FIXE web access stops updating until you move the mouse 2017-05-15
7053 ThinLinc | rdeskt hean01 CLOS FIXE Pause is not sent correctly in rdesktop 2017-09-27
2822 ThinLinc | rdeskt astrand CLOS FIXE RDP shared drive name only support ASCII 2018-03-29
7032 ThinLinc | rdeskt samuel CLOS FIXE There is disconnect reason codes that are not handled at all 2017-12-19
31 bugs found.


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