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"Can't have that here or something extra or missing before" - Genuine Error Report from TOPS-20 Hedrick PASCAL Compiler
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42 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
5928 ThinLinc Printing bugzilla-qa NEW --- nearest doesn't handle multiple sessions per user 2023-07-04
5542 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Difficult to find nearest.hconf in code tree 2023-05-09
4979 ThinLinc Printing derfian NEW --- thinlocal doesn't support printer options (e.g. duplex) 2023-01-10
4023 ThinLinc Printing ossman NEW --- Adobe's DRM:ed "secure" documents cannot be printed 2022-09-13
2789 ThinLinc Printing astrand NEW --- Select printer on every thinlocal print (UNIX client) 2022-06-22
2761 ThinLinc Printing ossman NEW --- Support multiple local printers 2022-06-22
2795 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Cannot select printer for raw prints 2022-06-21
2583 ThinLinc Printing bugzilla-qa NEW --- nearest printer incorrectly notifies when job is done 2022-05-17
556 ThinLinc Printing bugzilla-qa NEW --- allow different "nearest" printer groups 2022-04-05
7731 ThinLinc Printing bugzilla-qa NEW --- Can't print to nearest when printer name has non-ASCII characters 2021-08-24
7734 ThinLinc Printing bugzilla-qa NEW --- Printing many copies to thinlocal does not work 2021-08-24
4464 ThinLinc Printing ossman NEW --- Default location for terminals does not work with default printer and nearest printing queue 2020-12-16
7511 ThinLinc Printing bugzilla-qa NEW --- Raw queues and PPDs are deprecated in CUPS 2020-06-09
7441 ThinLinc Printing bugzilla-qa NEW --- Unable to print to the edge of the page with thinlocal 2019-11-26
5457 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- thinlocal backend doesn't log (regression) 2019-10-01
3610 ThinLinc Printing ossman NEW --- tlclient print selection dialog pops up behind vncviewer 2019-09-24
4255 ThinLinc Printing ossman NEW --- thinlocal respooling to public agent hostname is not safe 2019-06-25
4257 ThinLinc Printing ossman NEW --- thinlocal stops working if termserv_hostname changes 2017-10-31
7040 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- A user should be able to keep printing to their local printer after logging in to another user account 2017-09-12
3588 ThinLinc Printing ossman NEW --- Support TLPAC/tl-limit-printers in a HA (High Availability) setup 2017-05-30
5913 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- pdftocairo.exe fails AppVerifier Basic/Locks test on print 2016-10-06
5922 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Upgrade cairo for many fixes for pdftocairo win32 output. 2016-09-23
5925 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Printing a specific pdf using pdftocairo produce low dpi result 2016-06-07
5924 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Graphics get inverted while printing using pdftocairo 2016-06-07
5923 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Out of memory crash while printing using windows client (pdftocairo) 2016-06-07
5921 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Blank paper when printing over thinlocal on windows (pdftocairo) 2016-06-07
5824 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- pdftocairo rasterises some vector documents on Windows 2016-06-03
5826 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- thinlocal job name is not preserved on Windows 2016-04-12
5822 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- no thinlocal error handling on Windows 2016-03-22
5821 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- thinlocal (and nearest?) don't handle jobs with multiple files 2016-03-22
5700 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- nearest traceback on printing from HTML5 client 2015-11-03
5694 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Format conversion from nearest to thinlocal messes up margins for print jobs 2015-11-03
5691 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- Nearest should return CUPS_BACKEND_CANCEL instead of CUPS_BACKEND_OK on errors 2015-11-03
5441 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- get_lpd_tunnel_port() in our printer module can do sys.exit() 2015-03-03
5347 ThinLinc Printing hean01 NEW --- tlclient should print as PDF on Linux 2014-11-18
5170 ThinLinc Printing derfian NEW --- Should be able to choose a default printer for a location 2014-06-03
5112 ThinLinc Printing derfian NEW --- log output from lpr 2014-05-06
4907 ThinLinc Printing derfian NEW --- Printer Access Control does not work for multiple users logging in from the same terminal 2013-11-26
2665 ThinLinc Printing astrand NEW --- If nearest is the first queue on the location, printing to nearest will fail 2013-09-11
3806 ThinLinc Printing ossman NEW --- tl-limit-printers does not work with non-ascii usernames 2013-08-26
2403 ThinLinc Printing astrand NEW --- Make it easer to rename the nearest and thinlocal queues 2013-08-22
1753 ThinLinc Printing astrand NEW --- Decide which printer is nearest based on IP of client. 2013-08-22
42 bugs found.


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